How to increase your storage space without works

What is our dream when we talk about storage and organization? I think we agreed that a dressing would be the solution, of course if we add a good cupboard for the hall and some more distributed around the house we will achieve our goal dreamed and with more. But it is not always possible to get involved in works to get those excellent storage spaces or we do not have enough space for this purpose. There is still some other idea that can help us increase, even minimally, the space dedicated to storage in our home.

Storage ideas 1

Cabinets and boxes

Well, cupboards, cupboards, dressers and other furniture dedicated to the task of keeping our things. Saving and decorating are the two main tasks that these furniture can fulfill. When we do not have the opportunity, we can replace them with boxes or chests of different sizes so that they fulfill the same function as the aforementioned furniture.

Storage ideas 2


The shelves are economical and removable, this facilitates its use for both assembly and disassembly. We will not usually need professional help in this regard, which is a huge advantage. The shelves not only have a great role to keep our things under control, we can also use them to separate environments for example.

Storage ideas 3

Stackable tables

The tables with the lower part open allow us to save other elements under them. On this occasion a bedside table can hold under it a small footstool that can fulfill various auxiliary functions. Support the feet when we are sitting, place some object on top of him ...

Stacking tables are also an excellent resource for the living room. Used as a coffee table allow us to increase or decrease the capacity of use with great ease.

Storage ideas 4


Although they are a complement rather, their function is so important when it comes to increasing the storage capacity of a closet or dressing room that deserve special attention. Thanks to them we can increase the storage capacity of any wardrobe or similar with great ease. Some hooks inside the doors for example allow us to store more things in the same space we had.

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