How to incorporate antique chairs to modern decoration

Surely you have seen this resource in many decoration magazines, it has been a long time being an important trend to create a different and very personal environment. A priori it may seem a risky option but it is undeniable that it has a great effect on the decoration of any environment. Let's take a look at a few ideas so you can see how easy it is to incorporate old chairs into a modern environment.


We talk about chairs but you can still do with armchairs or even sofas. They can be used as an isolated resource or a complete game, using modern upholstery and transgressors or classics. There are no limits, it is about creating an original environment and above all that transmits our personality. But we must never lose coherence especially when we use fabrics of intense colors, we will try to ensure that they are well coordinated in the general decoration.


When the environment is too uniform we can use a chair or an armchair upholstered with a fabric of contrasting color or that draws attention in one way or another.


A modern transparent desk is a good place to wear a fantastic piece recovered from the family or purchased for the occasion.


Also an old chair will be perfect in the hall, the dressing room, the dining room and the living room. Actually it can be placed in any room of the house.


The design classics of the middle of the last century can also be used for this purpose. Although in this case it is important that it is an original issue and not a current reissue to convey all the charm of time.



The upholstery of these chairs is essential and will be an inevitable task so that their inclusion in our decoration is as accurate as possible.


The combination of a classic armchair, empire style or any of the Luises, with modern and contemporary pieces is fascinating.


In the bedroom we can use the chair if we have a desk as if we put it in a prominent place. It can serve both as a practical element and purely aesthetic.


Once again highlight the great importance of the upholstery if we want our chair combines perfectly. Here we have a good example with this empire style chair upholstered with lavender fabric.


The dining room is the room of the house that has more chairs logically. We can also use this resource here, although we will have to be more careful because many pieces must be perfectly chosen so that they do not saturate the environment.



You have to carefully study the decoration of our dining room before making a final decision. It is also the most expensive and difficult choice to correct.


In environments where neutral colors dominate the chair will act as a contrast element. It is a good opportunity to choose a striking fabric that turns the chair or armchair into a good focal point.


A current table of straight lines and without ornaments is perfectly compensated by an excellent pair of classic chairs. An idea to keep in mind if we want to give a remarkable change to our decoration without major transformations or investments.


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