How to include your bicycle in the decoration of the house

The passion for cycling has led many designers, architects and other professionals related to decoration and architecture to find ways to integrate their means of transport into the decoration of their home. Sometimes out of necessity, having no other place to keep them, others out of pure love. They were not able to leave their prized mounts in a gloomy place like a garage or a storage room. We will see different ways to integrate the bicycle at home.


Hanging as works of art

When the architect Antonio Claudio proposed to assemble a composition of photographs and paintings on the wall of the stairs of this house in Rio de Janeiro, the owner, engineer Alberto Pittigliani Jr., a cyclist in his spare time, had no doubt: his bicycles included in the agreement. "They have an interesting design and I thought they deserved to be considered art," says Alberto. "I only worry about cleaning the wheels before placing them on the metal supports." The wall painted black helped highlight the set, topped by a white sideboard with books and various objects.


Exposed in the middle of the room

Architect Gustavo Castro Otsuka has been pedaling since he was 15 years old and shares with his wife Juliana Mancini, also an architect, the only car in the house. Juliana took care of the renovation of the apartment and reserved a space for the bicycle next to the bathroom. "We have eliminated some walls and gained space in the area, which allows us the luxury of creating a generous circulation point around the bicycle," said Juliana.


Embedded in the service area

Next to the kitchen, Beth Levacov and her husband photographer Paulo Santos decided to leave their bicycle. Hanging from a sturdy steel bar used in assistance for people with special needs. They did not see the courage to leave their precious bicycle in the community garage of the building where they live.


In the hall

After passing through Paris, the producer Silvia Nigri decided to sell her car and use the bicycle in Sao Paulo. To keep a compact folding bike in the living room, architect Marco Granada's project dismissed complex strategies. It was enough to clear a small space where to place the folding bicycle and install a rack to hang the cyclist's gear on it.


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