How to have a vintage style ceiling in your home

The decoration in vintage style It is a current trend and it seems that it is gaining followers. It affects all rooms and parts of the house and of course we could not forget the roofs. The decoration of the ceiling helps enormously to recreate that air of yesteryear that we desire so much. The smooth ceilings do not fit well with a vintage style decoration and that is why we are going to see how to create vintage style ceilings.


A manorial and elaboradísimo framework of wooden moldings and details in metal would be the dream of many but perhaps it is an excessive investment for the common of the mortals. Not to be scared ... there are options for all tastes and budgets!



Much more affordable are the plaster moldings so used in decoration until three or four decades ago. And as we can see above they fit perfectly in a contemporary style decoration.




A combination of plaster and plaster moldings or wallpaper will create a good contrast with an environment decorated in neutral colors and will be perfect in a house with high ceilings.



The area where we install the lamps is of great importance, that point of the roof that is always more illuminated than the rest and where any small imperfection stands out. For that particular area we can use plaster medallions or other materials or create embossed or papered frames that will also highlight the beauty of the lamp and make it an important focal point of the stay.



As we see in these two examples above, it is necessary to find some links between the ceiling decoration and the design of the lamps to create a harmonious whole.



And as we see in these examples a decoration in classic style will not be complete without a decoration of the ceilings that accompany. The moldings are essential in these cases. Currently, as you know there are moldings of excellent finish made of very light plastic materials and that are easily installed with a little adhesive.




Moldings, medallions and a whole range of similar accessories are available to everyone. So giving a vintage look to your roof does not have to be expensive or complicated to install.



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