How to have a dining room in Nordic style

The dining room should be a room or part of it that is pleasant but discreet. Bearing in mind that what we are going to do in the dining room is to eat with the people who are closest to us, we need an environment that does not disturb but rather encourages such action. Decorating a dining room in Nordic style we ensure a minimalist environment that will give all its prominence to food and the relationship between people. Let's see, then, a few examples of dining rooms in Nordic style that can help us to decorate ours in a similar way if we like it that way.


In the Nordic style open spaces abound so the dining room is often sharing space with another unit. Here we see an informal dining room inserted in a kitchen. It is usually resorted in this style to combine chairs to give a fun, informal and bold.


You can also resort to using the same chairs but for example place one in a different color. You get a good visual impact but without too much stridency.


As we will see in all the examples, the chairs have a great importance. The Nordic style is a minimalist style and has had illustrious representatives among the classics of design with what fit very well in him the iconic chairs throughout the history of design.


Many times the chairs become part of the scheme and as a contrast element. Here we see how well the chairs fit with the pillows of the sofa and the decoration of the wall.


In this black and white dining room, the leather chairs and the table in aged wood stand out against the uniform white background.


We can also find independent dining rooms as in this case. As we see also the chairs have been combined and the surroundings have an absolutely minimalist decoration.


The truth is that even when the dining table is inserted into the kitchen you can enjoy a very elegant environment. Everything will depend on the kitchen of course.


There are many ways to delimit the dining space in an open room but the lamps are the most helpful. They mark and point out the space very well without complicating life.


Any of those magnificent lamps that we love can surely serve to mark the place where we want to install our table and dining chairs.


It is also possible to resort to the sofa, it forms a natural barrier that separates very well the environments between the dining area and the living room.


Here we have gathered the three typical ingredients of the Nordic dining room, precious lamps, combined chairs and the classic skin of the Nordic decoration.


As you can see in this picture you can also introduce some color in a Nordic style decoration without that we betray the spirit of the style.


As you know, wood has a great presence in the Nordic style and wooden tables and chairs are often used even when the floor of the room is also made of the same material.


A green touch is not bad for a dining table like this one. The white top and the dark wood chairs create a good frame for the plants to shine.


It was inevitable to take advantage of the architecture of this space to install the dining table there, under that immense source of natural light.


When the dining area shares space with the living room it is in this one where the carpet is usually placed, it is the most normal thing.


But when the dining room is in the kitchen we can use a carpet to delimit its place clearly and precisely.

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