How to give small touches of color in minimalist spaces

If you want to enhance your decoration in an easy way here you have a good idea. These little ones touches of color for minimalist spaces they will rejoice in a simple but radical way. You will have seen many times the walls painted in a contrasting color. Now it is enough simply to paint small surfaces with bright colors to create that contrast effect.


In this white kitchen the blue frame creates a fantastic effect that also combines with the floor and some accessories.


Bright yellow and red animate this white space of the Levis Ambience House in Brussels. The decoration is 70percentpure work.


This soothing blue gray runs through all the baseboards and frames of the house of French photographer Aurelie Lecuyer. This creates a decoration of the whole house very smoothly.


A very simple and effective idea, paint the upper part of the skirting board in neon orange and the sides of the mirror in yellow of the same tone. It's Anna Butele's idea to create an unconventional office.


Painting only the legs of the furniture saves money, obviously, but we also create a fantastic and striking contrast.


This bright yellow with which this window has been painted is sure to please even the most cloudy and sad days.


Painting the vain of this wall allows to separate environments and create a nice focal point in a simple and easily retrievable way.


Hiding color can also be a good idea. In this door the interior face has been painted, where the hinges go, and therefore can only be seen when the door is opened.


If we want to go a little further we can look at this kitchen where the green stripes make the difference.


Another unexpected place to introduce color, the lower part of a shelf placed high.


These little touches of rose distributed by the table and the benches of this dining room cheer without saturating.

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