How to give character to the bedroom with pictures or paintings

The bedroom is perhaps the most personal room of the house, it is the most intimate place of each one, therefore it must reflect more faithfully our character and personality. A good way to personalize our bedroom and give it character is with paintings. A good painting, that we like, will be perfect on the bed, so it will be the first thing we see when entering the room.


In a white room, like this one, or based on neutral tones, the painting will become an important focal point that will transmit everything that such an aseptic background can not do.


But it can also be incorporated as an element that contributes to give greater coherence to the space. Then we have to look closely at the colors of the room and choose a painting that matches them.


Even when you do not need to create contrast or attract the look, a good choice of a painting will remain an excellent idea to complement the decoration of our bedroom.


The artistic style of the painting that we are going to hang on our bed should be consistent with the decorative style. Thus the abstract paintings work very well with modern and contemporary decorations and in rustic styles, cottage or shabby chic will fit better a figurative painting.


If our room is rich in color, we should not stop hanging a nice painting on the bed. That we must have a lot of eye with the colors so that they combine well with each other.


The picture we hang can also play the role of a brushstroke of color in a very flat environment. In this case it is a room where the browns are dominant and the painting, which is also well lit by the lamp, provides an important note of color.


Paintings can transmit peace and tranquility not only with the scene they represent but also with the colors and lines with which they are made. In this classic-style bedroom, the navy on the bed, with those clouds that are clearing, is a symbolic way of adding optimism to the decoration.


This eclectic style bedroom shows a bold decoration with furniture and classic art combined with modern details and a large abstract painting. It is a difficult and daring way to decorate but when it is correct, as is the case with this room, the result is spectacular.


Abstract paintings fit especially well in modern and contemporary environments, also in minimalist ones.


But they can also play the trick of color very well so that the decoration of the bedroom is more coherent and complete.


In a modern, minimalist or Nordic style bedroom we can opt for paintings based on blocks of color to match the colors of the rest of the room and also have a greater visual impact.


In this case the paint on top of the bed adds heat to the room. He coordinates with the wooden floor and the warm lighting of the ceiling. It also establishes a good balance with the blue tones that occupy most of the room and the views.


This minimalist style room has two paintings that contribute to a sophisticated look. One with the predominant colors in the room and the other that offers an explosion of color that illuminates the space.


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