How to give a spring air to the decoration of the house

Give a spring air to the decoration of your house as it serves you face the arrival of the season to spend the winter in a more pleasant. Spring is color, light and joy, components that should not be missing in the decoration of a nice house to live. We are going to see some ways to generate that spring inspiration that we look for our house.


The dining table is a horizontal surface located at a certain height from the ground. We usually forget about its decoration but filling that empty space with colorful objects will help our house have that spring air we are looking for. Tablecloths, flowers and decorative objects are some of the most used accessories to decorate the tables both in the dining room and any other piece of the house.


Pillows and cushions are an easy and inexpensive way to introduce color in any space. Especially in the living room or in the rooms. The use of ottomans and poufs is another option.


They are also very useful tools when creating a coordinated and rational decoration. Also, as we see here, we can use small auxiliary furniture such as these orange tables.


Painting is the easiest way to introduce color in a room. Enhancing a wall by painting it with a striking color is a very used resource that gives a magnificent result.


In the same way we can use the paint to make a roof of particular architecture like this one. We also enhance it more if possible.


And of course there is nothing more spring than all that life of the vegetable kingdom that returns with force in this season. Cut flowers, plants and fruits will be of great help to recreate that spring spirit.


We can decorate with multiple plants and flowers cut from the hall to the kitchen without forgetting any part of the house. Any place in the house will become more cheerful with a simple bouquet of flowers.

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