How to give a feminine air to your apartment

With these proposals we want to give you some ideas so you know how to give a feminine air to your apartment. You are a woman and you are, obviously, proud to be so, so the decoration of your home must convey your condition. Let's see, then, without further ado, some examples so that you can begin to take note if you want to see that a female lives in your apartment.


The entrance is essential for your visitors to get an idea of ​​what awaits them inside. Even if you live in an apartment you can always do something so that the entrance reflects your personality, here we have a lovely doormat and a bucket with flowers that is a simple idea but that is already marking the way.


The lamps can transmit femininity and if not, what about this great crystal lamp?


Paintings and other works of art are objects that clearly denote the sensitivity of the person who has chosen them. Color and style will play a great role in transmitting your femininity.


Dressing windows is one of those actions that clearly denote whether a man or a woman lives in an apartment. There is not much more to say, surely your choice will be the most successful.


This lovely bookcase in methacrylate does not have any sex, but it will be great in a small female apartment due to its low visual impact.


The coffee table in your living room is also a good place to leave your mark. Flowers, books and magazines about your hobbies and a few jewels will make a difference.


The boxes are a great invention to store things in furniture and open shelves. Of course, few men will think of making use of these useful and decorative accessories.


Few women are not proud of their wardrobe and willing to show their best clothes. A rack to hang dresses in your room will be very feminine.


A bar in sight reminds us of the American comedies of the 50s, that decade so fashionable nowadays. And do not fear for space, a car like this fits in any small gap.


Carpets, pillows and synthetic leathers help to create a soft and cozy, feminine atmosphere in short.


And in the kitchen first cleaning and order. It does not matter that there are objects in sight, what matters is their combination and choice. A neat and clean kitchen is a female kitchen by definition.


Do not keep all your jars of creams and bottles of perfume in the bathroom. A few on the nightstand are very practical and decorative.


Sometimes you have to have that audacity that only women have and include some element of difficult fit but that can be very good because of the contrast it generates. It is the case of this carpet that has been installed in the kitchen, it seems that it does not hit much but it has something, that blue alive perhaps, that makes it fit perfectly.


The most important thing for your apartment to look feminine is that you include something striking that reflects your personality and character. Simply that the decoration is a materialization of yourself.

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