How to give a decoration to your decor

Many times we complicate our lives a lot to try to change the appearance of our house or a particular piece when in reality we have the solution well within reach. Especially when we want our house to be impregnated with that seasonal change that we perceive in the environment, in the aroma of the air, in the light and in our own interior. When winter is ending and spring returns again we feel the need to open our home so that he too can participate in this prodigious change.

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It is very easy in these circumstances to make that change in the house. A plant here, some freshly cut flowers, some branches with their tender buds, as we will see below there are a thousand and one ways to give a green brush stroke to our decoration.

brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-02

In the photos that we bring you, you can see many inspiring ideas to decorate your house with a natural touch. From the celebratory table to the hall furniture.


brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-04

It is important as you can appreciate giving a natural touch, for it we need a bunch of branches or stems or a combination of both. The idea is to rely on the green although we can also add some flowers.

brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-05

brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-06

The typical fireplace decoration, which can be moved to any dresser or dresser, will also be based on a good simple and homogeneous combination. If we add some candles or a dry trunk or both, as in the photo above, we will increase the natural appearance of the decoration.

brush strokes-green-for-a-fresh-spring-07

brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-08

As now it takes so much everything vintage, a few bottles or old glass carafes will be a magnificent container to use as a vase. We can use one or several and it is not necessary to place in each one more than a twig or a stem of fern.

brush strokes-green-for-a-fresh-spring-09

Another good idea is to use small pots with plants that we usually have in the garden, patio or terrace. They will be perfect in any place where we install them.

brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-10

brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-11

Creating a suitable environment or using plants and flowers that fit well in the pre-existing decoration will make everything more coordinated and cause a better impression. Images, shapes and colors are some of the ingredients to consider for a well coordinated decoration.

brush strokes-green-for-an-air-spring-12

The shape, as we see in this round vase with a long branch with freshly sprung leaves, also has a major importance. The simplicity of this composition is highlighted by that use of straight lines, sharp angles and the sphere.


Lately, terrariums have also become fashionable again. An interesting and very decorative option to give a natural touch to any decoration.


Something as simple as glass carafes with large branches inside completely transform the decoration of any room in the house. Just be encouraged, take a look around and take advantage of what we have at hand.

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