How to give a bohemian look to your house

We want to show you some ideas, tricks and tips that will go very well to give a bohemian look to your home. The boho chic It is topical and I am sure that more than one will have caught your attention those carefree, youthful, feminine and full of life decorations that are seen out there. It is very easy because as a bohemian it is an eclectic style that admits many and varied possibilities.


Everything that represents Nature has a very important role in this style and in all its variants. Whether you want to create a bohemian atmosphere like recreating the purest boho chic You can use textiles and decorative objects that represent plants, flowers and animals.


It is a very feminine style and we can resort to very different colors. We can use pastel shades in the background and leave the brightest and intense tones to accentuate the nuances that we like the most.


The lighting also has a particular treatment when creating a bohemian atmosphere. Whether it is natural or artificial light we will try to make it warm and we will combine both sources in order to achieve a pleasant atmosphere.


In this style a lot of colors are used and their combination can be difficult when we do not have much experience. Catching a color chart and studying the combinations briefly will help us greatly. It is best to use the trial and error method to make sure we are successful.


The macramé must not be lacking in a bohemian atmosphere. Curtains or any other element made with this technique will help us to create that bohemian air we are looking for.


Do not forget the last corner of the room to decorate in a bohemian style. We see here that nice macrame pendant and the trunk as well as the leather pouf and the curious wooden armchair. A magnificent job to create an adorable corner with a true bohemian atmosphere.


The hammocks are another of the hallmarks of this style. They can be hung wherever we can, indoors or in the garden as we see here to create a living area in the middle of Nature.


The unique, curious and original pieces also have a place in this style. Especially if as is the case we are talking about a bedside table made manually with a wooden board with a natural cut.


No room is spared from the possibility of decorating it with the Bohemian style. The kitchen also and although here, for practical reasons, we do not resort to wool textiles and other natural fibers, it is a good place for plants that give that natural touch that needs the style.


Like the hammocks, canopies and canopies are essential to create a bohemian air. They can be used in the bedrooms but also in the living room and even in the bathroom.


In this last piece we can also use curtains to separate the bathroom area and make this room of the house also be consistent with the rest of the house. Carpets and upholstery will also collaborate in the task.


This fantastic bedroom takes advantage of these incredible wooden beams and a few textiles to achieve an authentic bohemian atmosphere.


But even if it is not the case and we live in a modern apartment we can also get that warm and natural air. Carpets and synthetic leather will help us to decorate our room in a remarkable way bohemian style .


The boho style can also be elegant and sophisticated as we can appreciate in this dining room. The use of color brightens even the most serious and formal environments.


Children's rooms are pieces in which the bohemian style is easy to fit. The use of bright colors, textures and fun decorative objects are very well in these rooms.

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