How to fold the Origami style bath towels

The origami or origami It is one of the oriental arts that has penetrated most in the West without the population not even realizing it since, Who has not made paper planes as a child? Who has not tried to make flowers and geometric shapes with a paper?

How to fold the Origami style bath towels

The possibilities of this art are endless and Alison Jenkins, the creator of the brand new book The Lost Art of Towel Origami ; has been able to recover this variety of doubling the Bathroom towels , very used in cruises and luxury hotels to offer decorating lovers a new perspective about the Origami style and its many possibilities.
Main ways to fold bath towels:
The Origami style, like any other art, has a series of typical forms of folding towels bathroom which are the basis of, practically, all subsequent figures. It is therefore important to know them and know how to handle them as a basic point in learning this technique. First, the combined towel rollers; They are widely used in figures such as the turtle or swan. When we speak of curls we refer to placing the towel stretched on the bed, roll it from one end perpendicularly and towards the center and then do the same with another of the two ends. The result will be that of the image.

How to fold bath towels Origami style 1

We can also find with the simple curls in which it is only necessary to fold the towel normally or alternatively this is the double loop in which two towels of different colors are placed one above the other so that they then leave rolling

For this simple variety of the Origami style you will only need eight towels of different colors and, if possible, bath towels as well as a basket, white ribbons and transparent paper to wrap bouquets of flowers. The first thing that will be done will be to make pairs of towels of compatible shades. Then proceed to make double curls with each pair until all are in the desired shape. Once finished this will proceed to place the transparent paper in one of the ends rolled up - the one that has been better - of each one of the pairs simply in a third part of the towel. It will be fastened, later, with the white ribbon - to be able to be creating ties or creating ringlets in the loops -. Finally, all the pairs will be placed in the basket leaving only the ends of the curls covered by the transparent paper. This will give an appearance of appetizing candies.

How to fold the Origami 2 bath towels

How to fold the Origami 3 bath towels

The pair of swans is an option very used in spas and cruises due to its simplicity, elegance and romanticism. To achieve this, you only need two bath towels and a smooth surface on which to place them - a bed or a table will suffice - and be able to demonstrate the skill one has in using the Origami style. The most suitable fabrics are cotton.

How to fold the Origami 4 bath towels

The process to create the pair of swans will begin by doing a combined roll on a large shower towel. A trick to get it done easily is to hold the towel up high - it can be done by an assistant at one of the central ends. After this, the curl will be done and the towel will be placed on the bed. The end of the curl that corresponds to the end by which the towel was fastened at first will be bent making the shape of the swan's beak. This made in two different bath towels will result in a endearing figure of two swans.
Attractive water lilies for the guest room:
The Origami style reaches every corner of the house. In this case, you can make attractive water lilies only with two medium white towels, or one green and one violet - simulate the beauty of the water lily - as well as red flowers that contrast with the appearance of these.

How to fold the Origami style bath towels 5

First, the green base towel will be used. It will be placed on top of the bed completely extended creating the four leaves for each one of the ends. When you have it alone you will need to place the other one in the way you want (it can be cylindrical, pyramidal or bag shaped, open by the part that is uncovered) and, finally, put the red flowers to get doubled the origami style bath towels.
Other ideas to make origami with towels:

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How to fold the Origami 7 bath towels

How to fold the Origami 8 bath towels

How to fold the Origami 9 bath towels

How to fold the Origami 10 bath towels

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