How to fill a gray sofa with color

Having a gray sofa in the living room is a fairly common option. This color adapts well to different types of style, but it has a small point against it, and it is how dull the room can be if we do not remedy it soon. That's why today we're going to give you ideas for fill a gray sofa with color , thus reviving the monotony of a sober and neutral color, enriching it with different colors so that you can choose the combination that you like the most.

How to fill a gray sofa with color 1

We start with gray + pastel colors : in this room that shows the image above, the gray sofa is accompanied by accessories in salmon color and some touches of green. Pastel colors give a lot of softness to the environment, and in front of the gray they enhance its softer aspect, allowing it to be rocked by the delicacy of the pastel tones to offer us a space that invites relaxation, without stridency.
In green and with warmer touches such as red and orange , is our next option. Gray colors are very well suited to these colors, thanks to which it brings out its most elegant side. They are color tones that are enhanced even more, taking the spotlight with a lot of energy.

How to fill a gray sofa 2 with color

Gray + electric color palette: The following combination is absolutely irresistible. The gray is joined by a multitude of warm and cold colors, in an electric version. The apotheosis of color that emerges makes this room of classic cut and minimalist expression win a lot.

How to fill a gray sofa 3 with color

Gray + red and white: the warmth of red finds its best nemesis in the sobriety of gray, which it enhances thanks to its temperament. If we also opt for other accessories in white, we will get a beautiful and elegant climate like the one seen here:

How to fill a gray sofa with color 4

By last, Gray + pink and orange: daring, innocence, energy, dynamism ... The pink brings a more romantic and feminine side to the gray, it lets it play at will and finally gives it freshness with a little orange and yellow.

How to fill a gray sofa with color 5


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