How to fight against disorder

Controlling clutter is one of the keys to maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and a livable space. Adopting a systematic approach to managing your things by designing a well-planned space will help you create a home free from clutter.

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The order is the basic foundation of a good decoration, so we must focus on it so that our house is a comfortable place and where we can be calm and relaxed. Disorder is the main enemy of decoration, we must try to achieve the greatest possible order in our personal space.

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When decorating your home you should focus on a small number of high-impact items and eliminate things that are not essential and therefore do not contribute at all to the overall design.

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Today we store our documents, music, books and other personal information on the computer, digital storage and even in the cloud. Therefore our workspace can be almost empty, filing cabinets, folders, music discs and images are no longer essential and we do not usually even consult them. Everything that has become obsolete is in our house, so it is better to get rid of useless objects.

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Design each room or area of ​​use according to how you use your space 90 percent of the time, not a preconceived notion of how you should live. Let's be practical and not get carried away by commercial and advertising images of how spaces should be decorated.

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Do not feel obligated, for example, to create a formal dining room if you usually eat in the kitchen and rarely receive formal visits. And an office at home may not be necessary if you work outside the home and at home as much as you use the laptop on the couch.

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With a space adapted to your personal routines it will be easier to sleep, cook, relax and entertain. For example, your entrance should include a place to perfectly house your coat, umbrella, keys and mail if you want to avoid these items invading the rest of your home.

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If your bedside table is usually full of items such as glasses, books and water bottles you can choose a small dresser that will allow you to store everything and have it at your fingertips.

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Proper storage lets you know what you have and how to access it quickly, saving you time and helping you avoid buying similar items. But you should never build or buy additional storage if you do not need it, since extra storage often encourages the acquisition of more things. For example, before buying an additional closet to solve the problem of an overflowing closet, consider rationalizing your closet, buying narrower hangers to maximize space and storing off-season clothing in a separate area.

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Once you have put the order in your home, make sure it is neat, check your possessions regularly and limit the amount of empty surfaces, such as unnecessary tables that serve only to accumulate dust and unnecessary objects.


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