How to equip large rooms

For urbanites it is difficult to think that space can be a problem when you have it in excess. Usually we always walk with the tape measure in hand seeing how we can attach the furniture that we have seen and we like so much. Let's take up this article from the opposite point, what to do when you have a large living room and you need to decorate it, in short how to equip large rooms.


It is not about filling the room with furniture and that's it, we have to try to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere where we do not feel lost in the immensity. You have a great opportunity to create different environments in the same space that allow you to develop diverse activities; but all this following a series of guidelines that allow to give coherence to the decoration.


A living area is essential and a good way to limit your space is using carpets, which in this case is preferable to be large.


It is also the occasion to use large sofas that will allow our social and family gatherings to take place in an appropriate framework. Do not forget a fundamental element in the creation of the different spaces of the room and it is about lighting, each area must have lamps to make a difference well.


In large spaces the dark colors work very well and also use varied colors to differentiate some areas from others.


Even using several types of wall coverings will be a good solution for that purpose. The good thing about having a room of large dimensions is that you do not have to worry about whether this or that piece of furniture will fit or not. You already have that for granted and you just have to take into account that it makes sense in the general framework of decoration.


The furniture can be chosen in large dimensions but then it is better to be in light colors to avoid the feeling of overwhelm. The upstairs living room has a typical structure but with huge sofas and a very large coffee table that works thanks to the white tones used in its decoration.


A large living room should be as warm and cozy as a small one and to achieve this effect it is essential to provide it with our personal touch. The decoration must be well coordinated and must convey our personality so that it does not turn out to be a cold and aseptic place.


Having a room of large dimensions is a great opportunity to bring together the various interests and leisure moments of the family. There is enough space for this and we will create a living and pleasant space.

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