How to enter color in an easy way

When we start from a neutral base it is very easy to add color to any decoration whatever the style. The need to introduce a touch of color may come from fatigue or simply for any other reason. Here we show some ways to add color to your decoration in an easy, simple and economical way.

Color in decoration 1

In a bedroom decorated in neutral colors the great trick we will have in the fabrics, cushion covers, bedspreads, curtains, carpets and accessories are the elements that we can use to add a touch of color to our bedroom.

Color in decoration 2

And so in any other room, curtains are one of the simplest ways to introduce color in the decoration of any room. It will produce a great transformation without having to do cumbersome work.

Color in decoration 3

In the kitchen and bathroom we will have to stick to their special conditions of humidity and work. Maybe the complete curtains are not the best solution but we can introduce color with some accessories for curtains, borders and similar will be of great help.

Color in decoration 4

Among the accessories that will help us revitalize an environment with a touch of color we can not forget the table lamps. There is a great offer of models and colors to choose from.

Color in decoration 5

The works of art to hang on the wall are another simple way to introduce color in the decoration, simple and elegant.

Color in decoration 6

The cushions are a classic in this task and of course it does not need a large investment, but as everything that is to introduce color in an environment requires that we think and rehearse previously.

Color in decoration 7

Sometimes the solution is as simple as painting a piece of furniture, a simple bookcase can transform the entire decoration just by painting it with a contrasting color.

Color in decoration 8

The doors can also help us in this task. Its effect is very interesting and easy to carry out.

Color in decoration 9

The background of shelves and cabinets is another way of getting color in an environment without breaking the decoration.

Color in decoration 10

Playing with accessories and decorative objects is another easy way to introduce color in any environment. The great advantage of all these tips that we have shown you is the ease in the introduction and that they are totally reversible. If something does not convince us we can change it without any problem.


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