How to decorate your walls and not die trying

If you are one of those or those who can not stand to see a blank wall, blank or whatever you call it, this post is ideal for you. For my part, and as many do, there are places in particular where the walls can not be undecorated, it's as if something is missing in the decor . And if we think about decorating them better than doing it with pictures, family photos, photos with friends, comics or anything else that you like for this purpose. Whether it's a simple sheet that you bought on a trip or that has been given to you, it's always an option to decorate until you find whatever you're looking for to put them on.

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But beware, it is not only important to have what to put ... but also we have to think how to put them !!! If you do not plan or present the disposition that you want to achieve on your wall you will only get to fill it with holes that you will not know how to cover and you will end up ruining your wall.
An ideal way to do it is to work with paper and painter's tape or masking. You have to take your pictures, photos, etc .; cut molds of them and present them on your wall. As it appears in the first photograph. This is one of the ways to do it.
Besides knowing how to present them so as not to go around with all the photos or pictures, you have to know what arrangement you want for each type of wall. We can do it in different ways. Some are special for certain places.
In this particular case, the idea is to draw an imaginary line on your wall (ideal for long walls such as hallways, the headboard of the bed, a large living room, etc.) and locate all the photos or pictures from that line up and down and extended on both sides (right and left). The main line is the one that you have drawn as central and the layout will be according to the sizes you have. What is good to respect is the distance between each of the pictures or photos.

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Another option that serves both large walls and smaller walls, is to draw a large rectangle or square and within it to locate the pictures or photos respecting the distance between them. That is to say, you have the lateral or contour lines to delimit your space and at the same time you must respect the distance between each one of them.

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And finally, a special wall is the one you have on the stairs. Usually people do not decorate them, but if you do not do it, the seconds that you or others take to upload them will be boring. If you are letting someone climb the stairs of your home that lead to more private spaces, that is, you are sharing with them, it is also good to share part of our tastes, our memories and everything you want to share and can put on a wall .
To place the photos or pictures on the walls, you must have the account at the beginning of each step. To order your pictures or photos you must go creating a staircase at the same level you are uploading to do it. It is good to try to match the lower angle of your photo or frame with the angle of the new step and go mixing the size of the pictures or photos. Once again, you must not forget that the distance between each of them must be the same.

How to decorate your walls4

With these ideas you can decorate all the walls of your home, and rest assured that you will not die in the attempt!

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