How to decorate your staircase with style

The stairs are architectural elements designed to save important slopes in a house, move up from one floor to another for example. There are, as you know, many types of stairs and the truth is that their shape and geometry are an ornamental element by themselves, and logically of the main practical use they have. But of course a staircase is designed and built usually with the house and after the passage of time your design may be obsolete and need a small touch to make it interesting again.

Deco stairs 1

The stairs are formed by the footprint and the riser, it is called footprint to the part where we tread and rises to the vertical front zone located under the footprint. We can decorate both parts of the staircase but as you will see in the images the decoration of the risers usually predominates. And this for several reasons, the first is that they give more play and admit more types of decoration because they hardly suffer physical wear. On the other hand, the traces, the part where we tread, must be safe and are also subject to constant wear.

Deco stairs 2

Deco stairs 3

Deco stairs 4

As you will observe the stairs admit any type of decoration, so we can paint them in a single color, paint the risers of different colors or both parts at the same time forming a complete design that continues on both sides of the staircase.

Deco stairs 5

Deco stairs 6

Apart from simple designs based on colors we can also give them a little more life. So we can create interactive spaces paint the risers with slate paint where family members can express themselves. We can also create beautiful murals where written and drawn messages capture a beloved idea.

Deco stairs 7

A quite usual design in vinyl to decorate walls can be transferred perfectly to a staircase, either with those commercial vinyl or painting the scene.

Deco stairs 8

Deco stairs 9

Deco stairs 10

Deco stairs 11

Taking advantage of pieces of wallpaper or cloth is also a good resource, in those cases we should always use some finishing varnish to protect the materials. With paint and using different techniques we can achieve wonderful decorations for the risers of our staircase.

Deco stairs 12

We could not forget a classic, the carpet, used for a long time to decorate the stairs. Although this time is a more modern idea based on the recycling and recovery of old carpets that have been used to form a fun alformbra ladder patchwork style.

Deco stairs 13

You can give a new air to a staircase with a job as complicated or simple as we want, with risky designs and complex techniques, as we have seen, or with an elegant and subtle stencil like this staircase.

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