How to decorate your office

Decorating an office is a complex and creative process. For that reason, a good planning before starting it will avoid later headaches. What kind of furniture will I install? What equipment do I need? How will employees be more comfortable? They are some of the questions that we have to ask before starting to buy and distribute the material and those we want to help answer in these 5 simple steps to decorate an office.

How to decorate your office

1. Choose the decoration style

What type of decoration is the most suitable for our company? Although workplaces have traditionally had a very neutral and standardized decoration, more and more businesses are betting on customize the workspace to create a more favorable effect , both in the clients, as in the workers.

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The most common types of decoration for the new offices are the minimalist style - with large windows, wide spaces of passage and utilitarian furniture - and the modern one - with touches of color and furniture with personality.

2. Take into account the measures

If we have ample space for the office, there will be no problems, since we can buy the furniture without having to be so aware of its measures. However, in most spaces it will be necessary take into account the measures of the room to acquire the most appropriate furniture , since sometimes you have to save space.

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3. Enable a storage space

A very common error in the offices is not to take into account that storage will be necessary. Even companies that work most of the time with computers will have to have the appropriate furniture for save documentation and office supplies .

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In this case, we recommend chrome shelves , since they are modular and comply, at the same time, with the decorative and practical function. The chromed steel shelves are perfect for the storage of documents, stacked objects and material , since they are able to withstand a significant weight per shelf without compromising its sophisticated appearance.

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4. Bring your office to life

Once the furniture is chosen, it is time to "give life to the office". The work space does not have to be by definition a gray and uniform place, but it is a good idea to provide it with decorative elements that create a much more comfortable environment. This can help us:

  • The plants give a special touch and can be indoor or artificial, if we have low light.
  • The paintings never go out of fashion and will allow to reflect part of the personality of the company in the walls.
  • A very popular idea today is to decorate the walls of the office with vinyl, which will translate from a custom design to the name of the company.
  • Illumination. And do not forget the importance of lighting up your office. If it is an interior space, the best solutions are led luminaires and ceiling lights.

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5. Ergonomics and rest area for employees

And last but not least, the office must be a pleasant workplace for employees . A good idea is to take into account ergonomic furniture, so that workers do not suffer injuries linked to repetitive effort. The chair is probably the most popular ergonomic furniture, but tables and accessories such as footrests, lumbar support or accessories for the computer are also designed.

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In the same line, when it comes to enabling an office a highly recommended idea is to include a resting place, where the decoration can be much more creative . You can include puffs, recreational games, a space for lunch and, in short, let your imagination fly!

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