How to decorate your living in bohemian style

The old styles are returning to the world of decoration and of course there could not be a renaissance of the bohemian style for these new generations who look back but keep walking forward. Defining the bohemian style is very complicated because sometimes it seems more like a heterogeneous mixture of striking furniture, fabrics and accessories. You have to focus a little and let yourself be guided by personal taste to find your own style within this great denomination. In this article we want to give you some clues to decorate the living room in Bohemian style. Maybe the living room because of its social nature is a space that can be favored by the disinhibition of this recovered style.


The most important thing to decorate in bohemian style our living room is to keep your feet on the ground and try to be measured with the color combinations.



In this style, textiles have an unavoidable importance, both because of their abundant use and because of the great variety of colors that allow them to be placed in the same space.


They will be our best allies and we prefer the most extreme forms of Bohemian style or the most discreet ones.




Bohemian style also admits more discrete forms, not everything has to be a tendency to excessive and redundant. The main thing is to create a space in which we feel comfortable, a fresh, youthful, pleasant and relaxed space.




Armchairs, armchairs, sofas, poufs, pillows, rugs, art, music and reading are almost necessary components of a bohemian style decoration. A living room in this decorative style should be a space in which to enjoy our hobbies both alone and accompanied.




Three examples of Bohemian style living very different that will allow you to get an idea of ​​how moldable and elastic this label is. Greater or lesser degree of sophistication and opulence or even an almost minimalist variant that combines oriental airs with neutral tones typical of the Nordic style.




I think we can already say that the Bohemian style allows you a great margin of action and really is very adaptable. It is not so much about complying with certain guidelines as it is about satisfying your tastes and needs in the easiest and most attractive way possible.



A bohemian style living will be above all cheerful and fun. A space that encourages relaxation and communication with that calm and peaceful air full of color and life that Bohemian style offers us in decoration.

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