How to decorate your home with vintage style bottles

According to some experts, or at least part of them, vintage as a decorative style is in retreat. But they themselves emphasize that this does not imply that vintage objects they will disappear from our decorations. The objects with life and history have always had a place in the decoration and will continue to have it whatever the decorative style we use. Here we want to simply show you some ideas to use vintage bottles in the decoration of your home as they are easy objects to get and that can give that personal touch you are looking for to complete the decoration of any room.


The vintage bottles They can be used in various ways in decoration and not only as decorative objects but also giving them some practical use. Let's see, then, a few that come to us like that soon.



Perhaps the most useful idea and that first comes to mind is to use the bottles as vases. We can create beautiful combinations between the different shapes of the bottles and the flowers or stems and branches that we place inside them.


The same idea or rather the same use we can carry out with a single large bottle and a complement according to its size. We will play then with the sobriety and unity of color between both elements.


These old pharmacy jars contrast with the green touch of the simple stems. A great contrast that goes beyond the colors and shapes and manifests a great symbolism.


These simple bottles with their wire container are perfect with that simple natural touch. The combination of vintage bottles and flowers or plants has a huge journey and is a good field to explore.


Another great field is the one offered by vintage bottles used as candle holders. The possibilities are also unlimited because we can use them as is or decorate them with various accessories to obtain special decorations.



Some bottles can return to their initial use, perfume for example, even with a current aroma. They can also be used simply as a decorative object because their shape and design allow it so much.



We can not forget a decorative use as are the collections. If we can collect a few similar bottles we can group them together and create beautiful decorations. Old bottles of medicine, old liquor stores can show their elegance much better if we wear them in a group.



Old vintage bottles and jars can participate in our celebrations either as containers to drink as containers for sweets and candies.


At the table, the kitchen or the bar, the vintage bottles can have a new life to return to their origins, containing various liquids. Although you must always take the precaution of not keeping in them cleaning fluids and other toxic to avoid accidents.

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