How to decorate your garden to enjoy it with style

If you are lucky enough to have a garden at home, no matter how big you are, you know that it is an advantage that you have to take advantage of. Enjoying these green spaces should be a priority and to fulfill it there is something that we must not forget ... we must decorate and organize it. This implies not only planning what plants we will plant, what turf we will use and how we will take care of their maintenance ... we must not forget that we have to prepare it to enjoy it. Yes! Enjoy it! That must be the main premise !.


Many times it has happened to us that we only deal with the plants and the grass ... and when we have finished we do not know how to enjoy it ... We never thought about what table, chairs, armchairs we needed ... if it would be good to have that pergola dreamed or add some parasols and sun loungers by the pool. By the time we reach that point we are exhausted after so much work.


But do not despair! We can always turn to professionals and specialized stores to help us in this task and that will make everything ready when we finish. They will help us in the process to choose styles, materials, colors and always taking into account our budget. Did you know that Leroy Merlin Can you find everything you need?



How do we organize?

The best thing will be to put together a work plan. Raise our budget, take the measurements and take into account the specific characteristics of our garden (layout, hours of sunlight, design, geographical location). We also prepare a list of our needs: if we want tables, chairs, armchairs, sunbeds, parasols, a pergola, a grill, etc.), if we have children and we want a play space for them or if we plan to install a small home garden.



From there, nothing better than asking for help ... our task will become so simple! We can choose the furniture that we like the most and without forgetting to keep within budget.



That pergola you always wanted ... it's possible! There are so many options that there will always be some ideal for our space.



But, after having all the furniture and other decorative accessories there is a point that we must not forget. When we have to maintain a garden, we do not just have to think about a lawnmower, the tools or the seeds that we need for a crop. There is a basic element that we need and we should not waste: water. We have to take good care of it, not only because of its cost, but also because of our own personal commitment to caring for the environment. Some of the proposals to take care of it is to install irrigation systems that we can program, taking care of the amount of water (drip systems), watering at the best schedules and without this depending on us. If we have the opportunity to have an automated system we must take advantage of it. We can also add some tanks to store rainwater, and take advantage of mulching (mulching) and humidity sensors. Another way to take care of water is to know which are those native species in our area and take advantage of them to build our garden. All this will make that, besides enjoying the garden, we are taking care of our consumption and at the same time our expenses.



When we have taken into account all the previous points, we can dedicate ourselves to the last and most special ... Add our personal touch. How? Taking out that "crafter" that we carry inside and encouraging us to do some DIY ideas like this ... A beautiful poster with letters of artificial grass to place in a special wall of the garden. It will look beautiful and it will be a unique detail that, in addition to giving style, we will feel the satisfaction of having done it ourselves. Find the step by step in this video. You can see it as many times as you need and it will be very practical when making this idea.


And if you have more ideas that can be combined with the decoration they have already prepared, do not hesitate to do them. They will be those little complements that will make the garden one of the best places in the house!



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