How to decorate with mirrors

The mirrors are a complement of decoration that gives a lot of play. With very little budget we can achieve a lot. They are versatile and only need a little ingenuity when using them. With these tips that we give you below we hope you can squeeze the most of the possibilities of decoration with mirrors.

How to decorate with mirrors

A large mirror automatically becomes the center of all eyes. It is a focal point of the first order while helping you to increase the feeling of space in the room where you hang it. You can use it in the bedroom, the hall or the living room.

How to decorate with mirrors 1

Gathering a good amount of small mirrors varied allows you to squeeze the mirror effect while you also take advantage of the decorative that are all collections. Here we see a collection of mirrors installed in a rather unexpected place, on the bathtub. This is also an important factor to study, the place where you install them.

How to decorate with mirrors 2

On the mantelpiece, in the corridor, the hall or on stairs for example will be perfect. This time we see a fantastic collection of mirrors with vintage frames that combine perfectly with the comfortable of the same style located below.

How to decorate with mirrors 3

The frame of the mirror has a transcendental importance. In it will reside much of the success in the use of mirrors in decoration. It will be logically depending on the decorative style of the room or the house.

How to decorate with mirrors 4

A large mirror with a frame as original as this will be perfect in a minimalist style bedroom for example. An excellent task for the bricolador of the family or to order your usual carpenter.

How to decorate with mirrors 5

Speaking of unusual places we see here a mirror installed on the roof. I think a very interesting effect and gives amplitude to this receiver.

How to decorate with mirrors 6

In the small rooms the mirrors become authentic protagonists. With them it seems that the space unfolds and you will also increase the ambient luminosity thanks to its reflective capacity.

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