How to decorate with family photos

Decorating a room in the house with family photos is a technique available to anyone. Normally we all have a large repertoire of photographs of the family, from different periods, that we can use as a decorative and emotional element at the same time. We just need sufficient frames and arrange them correctly so that they form a pleasant and aesthetic whole.

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The great dilemma when decorating with photos of the family is how we place them to be attractive. You have to follow certain rules to get a good result and then we will see some strategies that can help us.

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Photographs of different sizes and shapes can form a coherent whole if we use the same type of frame and the same color or similar of paspartú. Then even with a simple alignment of the frames we will have an elegant and aesthetic set.

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When we already have a good number of photographs framed with different sizes and shapes of frame we can unify them using supports for them. They can be purchased at any DIY or decoration center and will allow us to unify the most disparate frames.

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Create one temporary gallery It is very easy to use framed cork panels, which are usually used to hang notes, you just have to cover them with a fabric that we like and we can incorporate and change the photos we expose.

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Another idea that always works is to create frames sets equal , installed next to each other to form a geometric figure with great visual impact . Greater impact than if we put the photos separately.

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Harmonize the frames by painting them in the same tone as the furniture of the room in which we are going to hang them will create a sensation of great decorative coherence. We can increase this effect by installing photographs with the same finish, in black and white, sepia or any other.

Decorate with photos 7

Decorating with family photos is very easy, it only requires having a good eye and separating aesthetics from feelings. Try to see the photos with a critical eye, taking away feelings as much as possible.


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