How to decorate walls with fabrics

Enhancing a wall is a decorative resource widely used today. It allows us to improve any decoration by breaking the uniformity. It can be used in any room of the house and does not carry large expenses or jobs. To enhance a wall, various techniques and materials are used. Today we are going to see a few ideas to enhance a wall with fabric.


The fabric can be used in several ways. Pasted directly on the wall, using a frame or structure forming panels and using the upholstery technique.


The fabric not only offers us color and design but also texture and great warmth. It also adds an excellent plus of elegance and sophistication.


As we can see it is a great resource to enhance the headboard wall of our bed. And do not think only about formal and serious designs as there are very modern and fun fabrics.


This striking fabric with tropical motifs can completely change the decoration of our bedroom.


Here we see cloth stuck on the wall and framed in turn with plaster moldings. It is another possibility offered by the fabric.


We can also choose fabric that imitates leather or leather to create a different wall. If we add upholstery tacks we will be creating a kind of elegant upholstery.


Here we have followed a herringbone design in which different fabrics alternate. An interesting idea inspired by patchwork.


Another possibility, quick and easy to reverse, is hanging a carpet on the wall. A resource with many centuries in tow that we can rescue.


When we use panels we are also combining the color of the fabric with the paneling design.


Designs that can be very varied modifying the size and shape of the panels.


We can also upholster the wall we want to enhance. It will have a special texture and we will achieve greater isolation.


The upholstery is ideal to create a feeling of luxury and is always very elegant.


In this case we do not know very well if we are facing an upholstered headboard or a wall.


In the baby's room an upholstered wall will create a good feeling of warmth as well as luxury and elegance.


As we are seeing is a resource, that of covering a wall with fabric, which serves us for many decorative styles.


These longitudinal panels add texture and depth to this almost monocratic space.


This soft upholstery allows us to enjoy this huge bank. And its beautiful color fits in this modern and fresh living.


This elegant fabric brings warmth and makes this corner a very comfortable place.


Here the brown fabric helps create a strong impression of masculinity in this elegant bedroom.

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