How to decorate the wall behind the sofa

If, like ordinary mortals, you have the sofa in your living room leaning against a safe wall, more than once you have considered what to put on it. The solutions are many, but some of us have not yet found the solution, so perhaps by taking a look at these photos that we have put below, maybe we can find out what to put on the sofa.


Hanging a rug or a carpet with colors that combine or contrast with the sofa can be a good idea. Of course it is a proposal with greater warmth and texture than the typical lithography, oil or a simple poster.


Fill the space with shelves is also a good idea that also solves the issue of storage and order in the living. To take into account especially in small places and above all to measure the heights well so that it does not bother to sit down.


A great painting is a classic solution but we can transform it into the last scream if we choose the work to hang.


Another idea may be to hang three smaller works of art. It will not have so much visual impact and may be more symmetrical and elegant.


Transform the entire rear wall of the sofa into a gallery. It is a solution that requires a thorough study to create an aesthetic and balanced combination between the frames, the images and colors and the wall that we will leave in sight.


A large mirror that occupies a good part of the wall will be a great idea for small spaces with little natural light.


Installing a shelf for frames is a solution that also has its interest. It will go very well when we want to break the vertical of the wall.


In the same way we can choose to install more than one shelf. Here we have the opposite pole. It will also require that we think about it and project it well.


And when you do not know what to put ... the DIY vein appears and you take advantage of a piece of wallpaper, you frame it and solved it. An effective, decorative and very economical solution.

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