How to decorate the room with sofas?

If you wish renovate the sofa , in this post we tell you which are the most common sofas and how to locate them to take better advantage of the space. Also, if you are going to open a new room, we leave you some brief tips to do it with little money. Take note!


What are the most common sofas?


How to decorate the room with sofas?

The legitimate chesterfield, better known as chiester, originally from the eighteenth century, is one of the most classic and elegant English sofas that will give a great personality to your living room. They are fluffy, its upholstery is topped by buttons and its volute armrest is at the same height as the backrest, which makes it one of the relax sofas preferred by many.

Sofas with chaise longue?

How to decorate the room with sofas? one

Within the wide variety of armchairs that exist in the market, sofas with chaise longue ? They are very elegant and comfortable, and ideal for those people looking for a furniture with various functions. When choosing one of this type remember that the sofas longue have to have a measure of at least 2.50 meters. The longest part would be 1.50 meters, to stretch the legs. These measures are only indicative, since there is the possibility of doing sofas to measures.

Two-seater sofas

How to decorate the room with sofas? two

In small living rooms, opt for a two-seater sofa and complement it with poufs or armchairs so as not to occupy too much space. Keep in mind that the sofa should measure approximately one meter less than the wall where you will place it. In some shopping portals between users there is the possibility to buy very cheap sofas ? And even if you give yourself time, you can buy an old one to fix it. There are many tutorials on the Internet to learn upholster sofa at home.

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Corner sofa

How to decorate the room with sofas? 3

The corner sofas are very nice and ideal to save a corner. The only detail they present is that they can only be adapted at right angles.

Leather sofas

How to decorate the room with sofas? 4

The leather sofas They keep a texture and a natural look that make them special. Also, they do not age with time, so many people choose to buy sofas online leather and synthetic leather, either two or three seats, corner or modular.

How to locate them?

  • You can distribute two sofas of two or three seats in "L", bringing the largest to the wall and leaving the smallest on the side so you can move comfortably.
  • In large and square rooms you can place the sofas in "U" with some bergère type armchairs or poufs.
  • If you like to receive people at home, go for buy sofas in valencia of two or three squares and put them face to face so that all are left. To obtain a good result, the width of the room will have to have a minimum of at least 4 meters.
  • The classic never goes out of style, so you can encourage you to combine a piece of capitoné and two sofas of two opposite squares, which have the same color but the design is different.
  • If you have a living room with a fireplace, place the sofas around and combine them with one or two coffee tables so that it is neat and harmonious.

How to decorate the room with sofas? 5

Give a 180 degree turn to your living room by adding natural elements, renewing the cushions and changing some furniture.

You can find a wide variety of sofas in all the styles that we have talked about in

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