How to decorate the corners of a wall

The walls of a home need not look cold. Painting them in a specific color, decorating with drawings or vinyl, graffiti, etc., are usually the most usual and inspired solutions. This time we are going to go one step further: we propose you to decorate the corners of the wall with different ideas. Your decoration will be reinforced and full of originality and imagination.

Decorate wall corners 1

The most common is to use framed photographs to decorate the walls. Now, being a corner, the most logical is to adapt the frames to the surface of this corner. For this we will have two frames that play with the angle of the wall, as seen in the images. Doing it is very easy, you see, and these photo collages will stand out much more.

Try with colored frames, which contrast with the walls, whether they are the usual ones made of white plasterboard or light wood.

Decorate wall corners 2

Decorate wall corners 3

This very original idea for the corners of the wall is also very striking: it is about hanging the photos from above, using anchors or hooks (depending on whether we have a bar to hold or hooked directly on the wall). These pendular photographs will stand out in the room forming a personal decoration.

Decorate wall corners 4

This children's room also introduces a striking decoration: in addition to drawings or a painting, the corner of the wall is reinforced with a small set of Chinese lamps.

Decorate wall corners 5

Finally, a proposal for feng-shui lovers: adapt the corner of the wall to put an aquarium. An idea as original as renovating, with which it becomes clear that the spaces that usually happen more unnoticed at the time of decorating (as the corners of the wall, as you can see) can also be great allies to launch ideas with style.


Photos: grandhomedesign; homedesignboutique

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