How to decorate the bathroom with chandeliers and ceiling

To give your bathroom a glam touch nothing like hanging a striking chandelier or another pendant of another style. With these 10 that we have compiled below, you can already get an idea of ​​how a lamp will fit in your bathroom. Let's go there.


Elegance and glamor is what the ceiling lamps provide and they show us here that their place is not only in the dining room, living room or hall. Also in the bathroom they can succeed.


In this bathroom of modern style, in black and white, the spider gives us a striking contrast.


And if the decoration is retro style or vintage inspiration we will also have a perfect chandelier in the bathroom.


If we have a high ceiling it is almost mandatory to hang a lamp from the ceiling to lower it a little.


A spider can also introduce color with its colored crystals as we see here. It also combines with the basket and the carpet.


And if we have two sinks and two mirrors then nothing better than hanging two lamps. Long live the symmetry!


If hanging a chandelier seems a bit excessive you can opt for a more discreet roof model like the one we see above.


This example of glass and brass fits very well in this vintage bathroom.


This model of long pendants will go very well in a ceiling as high as the image.


But a high ceiling is not essential, although it is recommended, as we see here. In a ceiling of normal height also a hanging lamp is fine, you just have to study well where we hang it so that it does not bother.

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