How to decorate small spaces

Nowadays, it is essential to have some basic notions of how to decorate small spaces . Since housing prices are quite high, most new buyers opt for lofts or studios that, in many cases, usually do not exceed 50 square meters. Thus, It is essential to know how to decorate these interiors in such a way that the interiors do not seem claustrophobic or overly recharged . The options are endless but the guide to decorating will help you put in order that creative mind that can make a small apartment transform into a palace or, on the contrary, that is completely uninhabitable.
The magic of decorating two heights
If you are lucky enough to enjoy one of the many studios arranged on the first floor in which the kitchen is divided, the living room - dining room as well as a bathroom and a second height that serves as a bedroom, the work of making it look spacious It multiplies as part of the space that is allocated to the room, will be for the rest of the address. So, the main secret is to opt for a decor minimalist with furniture of warm tones that do not diminish even a bit of light - especially if the floor is interior -. The option of paint the walls in light colors and place elements that visually enlarge the room, such as Mirrors standing will enhance the flirtatious of this type of lofts. Also, do not forget the importance of choosing a mattress with a small platform in the room as well as bedside tables in Chinese style.

Decorating small spaces of two heights by Sarah Coffey

Decorating small spaces of two heights

The mirrors to decorate small spaces by Laura

The mirrors to decorate small spaces

The new parents they are in luck since several designers have adapted the small spaces typical of diaphanous houses and, normally, aimed at singles, so that young people who have had children recently and who are still far from the dream of having their own house or a house more big can include the baby in their lives without losing the balance between the different spaces of the home and maintaining the taste for decoration.

Baby on board in small spaces by The Contemporist

Drink on board in small spaces

Decorate doll house style
Although it is undeniable that the power of minimalism to decorate small spaces is attractive and, of course, practical there is a series of tendencies that advocate this ornate, colorful and eminently retro atmosphere that has to be taken into account since, in a certain way, the home has always been characterized by being surrounded by a series of elements that we consider "of the family". In order to illustrate this in a more effective way, observe the following commented images that will give you ideas, above all, for the "sitting rooms" as well as for the rooms of the smallest .

Small spaces with nostalgia and bright colors

Small spaces with nostalgia and bright colors

Is it artificial? Of course. It is the living room of a dollhouse. However, the encounter with this marvel directly brought from the magical sixties turns out to be a revelation; some walls with paint paper available in large stores, armchair with warm tones to match a chair and a sofa that makes you want to sit and all spiced up with more vivacious and incredible colors . Of course, decorating small spaces with these tones has its risk but, of course, for an auxiliary room is a very successful and fun choice, how about the game room for the little ones?

How to decorate a small room with simplicity

How to decorate a small room with simplicity

A wonderful notion of how to decorate a room of few dimensions. In this case it is decided to join different sections in the same piece of furniture that serves as a bed, shelf and wardrobe. In addition, with its warm tones, the effect that moves this room away from what would be called small spaces is even greater. Also in the case that they want cooler tones is possible thanks to an interesting variation with canopies of different tonalities and pictorial motifs.
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