How to decorate shelves

We always tend to commit the same sin with shelves ; we installed a shelf in a room to try to organize it and to be able to have books and other objects in order, but over time we fall into saturation. The bookshelf is full of books and objects, it can be practical but many times it is horrible. An orderly shelf with decorative elements plus a little air is much better. Of course, the problem, fundamentally, is to create that air, that essential vacuum so that the bookshelf is attractive. We present some examples of beautifully arranged shelves, shelves that have gone from mere organizing element to decorative object.

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The accessories that we place on the shelves should not be distributed in a symmetrical way, all the same, on the contrary we have to mix shapes and sizes. We must bear in mind that the holes of a shelf are usually the same, if we place objects of the same size and shape on each shelf we have no contrast and it is very monotonous.

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We continue to struggle with symmetry, alternate books horizontally and books in an upright position. Also, try staggering the books you have upright.

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First of all the shelving It has to present a simple, clean and orderly appearance. This would be the basic premise for a shelf look beautiful and decorative.

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We can also use some trick to make our bookshelf more beautiful, painting the bottom of the bookshelf is a good strategy to increase the effect of contrast with the objects we put in it.

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Stacking a large number of magazines, instead of books, is very good. It is very decorative and original.

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Place frames with photographs or small works of art behind the books or other decorative objects located in the foreground. It is another magnificent decorative strategy.


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