How to decorate and take advantage of your terrace

If you have a terrace in your house you should propose to get the most out of it, which you can easily do if you come with us to see a good selection of dream terraces. This outdoor space can be treated, as you will see below, practically as a patio or even a garden, it will depend on the concrete circumstances. But come, let's start the tour at once.

Deco terraces 1

This majestic example brings together everything we can do on a terrace and is a magnificent representative of an urban terrace. Located on the upper part of a tall building, the wooden floor has been covered and two separate living areas have been created. One, more social has sofas and coffee table plus a beautiful standing lamp, the other loneliest to enjoy alone. The sides are populated with pots and planters with a good number of plants.

Deco terraces 2

Deco terraces 3

Deco terraces 4

As we are seeing, more or less the same conditions are repeated in these terraces, adapting the furniture and the distribution of the green spaces to the concrete shape of each terrace. Depending on the taste of each one, you can adapt the decoration in your own way or to better cover your needs. Sometimes a dining area will be what you need more if you like to sit in the cool to dine with family or friends. In others, you will simply prefer a place to sit and read, have a drink and relax.

Deco terraces 5

Deco terraces 6

Deco terraces 7

In the decoration of the terraces fit all possible styles, from minimalist to oriental, Mediterranean or any other. The wood is a good material for the decoration of terraces, it gives them warmth and a nice natural and rustic touch.

Deco terraces 8

Deco terraces 9

Deco terraces 10

Deco terraces 11

Our terrace can be as simple or sophisticated as we want or we can but it is a space where we can spend very good times, alone or accompanied, and that deserves to pay a little attention. Whether in a purely urban environment or in a natural environment, the terrace allows us to enjoy something that we sometimes do not value but instead we miss the open air many times. We spend our lives, or a good part of it, locked in constructions and it is good that a small portion of the day we spend sitting with nothing on our heads.

Deco terraces 12

Deco terraces 13

Deco terraces 14

Deco terraces 15

Between the terrace by the sea and the terrace between tons of cement there is a whole world but in the end, basically, they are the same, a piece of outdoor space. So we do not shout about finding defects to our terrace, on the contrary, study it, look, compare and change your point of view to get the most out of your terrace. You will see how worth the effort.

Deco terraces 16

Deco terraces 17

Deco terraces 18

We have talked a lot about the outdoors and sitting in the open, but sometimes, many, it will be essential to incorporate some shading system to be able to use the terrace at the peak times of the day, especially in summer. We also have many possibilities in this field of terraces roofs, from solid structures such as gacebos, pergolas and porches to lighter solutions such as tents, hurdles and other traditional solutions.

Deco terraces 19

Deco terraces 20

Deco terraces 21

Whatever the solution we choose to decorate our terrace, apart from the budget, it is essential that we decorate it as a living space, a place where it is pleasant for us to be and where we feel ourselves. Leaving appearances and social conventions aside.

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