How to decorate and organize the baby's room

When we wait for the arrival of a baby it is necessary to prepare their nest so that we can take care of it in the best possible way. The baby room should be beautiful and elegant but also practical and functional. We need you to have all the necessary elements for it. With these proposals of decoration and organization of the baby's room we will make a clear idea of ​​what we need.


The first thing is the crib, babies spend much of their lives sleeping and this part is essential. Generally we will place the crib in the central part of the room and the rest of the elements will find a place around it.


We will reserve the quietest place in the room and also where the sun does not come directly.


It will not hurt to place a hanging canopy to increase privacy and warmth. It is essential that the baby feels collected and with soft lighting.


But this does not prevent us from placing the ornamental elements that we like most for our little princess.


Or for our little helmsman, after all, he will direct our life during a good season. And in a certain sense for the rest of our life.


The mobile phones hanging over the cradle are another element that can not be missed to try to get their attention.


Another important element in this equation is the changer. We need it to be practical and comfortable so that the continuous changes of diaper and clothes do not destroy our backs.


If the room is small we can choose a folding one like this one. That also does not detract anything from the ornamental point of view.


The more boxes your changer has, the better. But without forgetting the elegance and glamor.


For this it is inevitable to decorate the wall on the changer to create a harmonious whole.


Logically we are going to need to have the baby clothes and the many accessories that require well organized.


The wardrobe then becomes our great ally. Suitable hangers, baskets and boxes and any other element that facilitates the organization of the closet will be essential.


Finally, we lack the space to feed our baby. An armchair with a stool or ottoman is the most practical solution.


A puff can also be used. The important thing is that you feel comfortable when you breastfeed your little one.


But always without giving up style and elegance. That one thing does not take away from the other.


The father and the mother must be involved in the care of the baby but when they are twins it is obligatory. In this case, a sofa will leave us with pearls for teamwork.


A baby room can be functional and very elegant at the same time. Here we have shown you a few examples.


And do not forget to have an auxiliary table provided to leave the bottle or any of the many objects that the baby needs.

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