How to decorate a study area for teenagers

The beginning of the school year is approaching and if you have teenage children you know the importance of providing them with the greatest possible support when it comes to studying and doing homework. With these proposals of study areas for boys and girls you will have a good inspiration to decorate yours.


To decorate a study area for girls it will be good to resort to the Nordic style with some touches of pink.


The minimalist spaces will be very good if we add a touch of glamor as may be the occasional gold.


A simple desk, with clean lines, can be complemented with accessories in black and white and add a touch of some vivid color.


A beautiful desk, a warm and cozy chair and slate painting form a whole with a lot of character.


We can not forget the modular furniture that is always a good resource for the youth rooms since they endow them with great versatility.


Practical and functional desk with attached shelves located in front of the window.


When space is scarce, it is necessary to take advantage of the corners.


A simple and uncomplicated study area for girls in love with minimalism.


Always leave a space for girls to express themselves freely.


And this space must be as broad as our young woman needs.


When you have to create shared study areas, for girls and boys, you can opt for neutral tones.


For the guys, maybe the style that will suit them the most for their area of ​​study will be the one of industrial inspiration.


Although obviously everything will depend on your taste and personal style. For many of them or them this can be a good proposal.


Nor can we rule out the Nordic style for boys, although it may be more so if black or gray predominates.


This area of ​​industrial style study sure that most guys like.


Whether in study areas for boys or girls it is important to include a good space for the calendar. It is an essential element to program your activities.


Beautiful study area in an attic room. The furniture is great and the detail of the fridge will be priceless for any young person.


This study area takes advantage of the little space in an admirable way. It is also decorated in Nordic style with a predominance of white and a touch of red.

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