How to decorate a modern living room

In most cases, the living room is the main room of the house. A place where we share the best moments in family or with friends and in which we develop a good number of activities. For this reason, it is very important to feel comfortable in it and to enjoy to the maximum a decoration to our liking.

How to decorate a modern living room

At present, there is a great variety of styles for living room decoration . However, the main trends in 2018 lead us to the situation of how to decorate a modern living room. And, in this respect, there are a series of fundamental ideas and rules that we must follow at all times, we show them in this post :

The decoration of a modern lounge

The modern living rooms have been carried away in recent years by the minimalist style . A technique in which there is no place for recharged spaces, since they enjoy the right and necessary. Minimalism is also characterized by the use and combination of flat colors, spaciousness, brightness and simple furniture without large volumes.

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The color

The current modern salons are betting in a majority way for the White color . An ideal tone even for small rooms, as it provides amplitude and luminosity. However, there are other interesting options, such as the combination of white, black and gray. But as long as you do not miss the decorative balance at any time.

How to decorate a modern living room 2

Furniture and sofa

As for the furniture, the modern lounge is usually equipped with simple furniture , of straight lines and of low height. Being a minimalist style, the room is not recharged furniture, but they are used strictly necessary.

How to decorate a modern living room 3

The sofa is one of the centerpieces of the living room. In this case, there are tendencies in this style leather sofas , wide, with low backrests and plain colors. A sofa that, by the way, goes with the color of the walls so as not to cause too much stridency in the set.

Lighting and additional decoration

As far as possible, we must opt ​​for the maximum illumination natural during the day. At night, the ideal is to place a series of light regulators throughout the room to create a more welcoming atmosphere. Depending on the place where we are, you can use one light intensity or another.

How to decorate a modern living room 4

Finally, we must talk about the additional decoration . Since we are talking about a modern and minimalist room, it will not be necessary to use many elements. Here would come well broad carpets, lamps of original designs, a few tables of glass or transparent plastic and pictures.

How to decorate a modern living room 5

These are, in general terms, the recommendations that nowadays are usually given for the decoration of a modern living room . Everything will depend to a large extent on the available space, but following these guidelines we will be able to prepare a cozy place and in which we feel comfortable.
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