How to decorate a Christmas tree - Part II

We continue with the decoration of our Christmas tree, we have already chosen our tree and the decoration that we want to carry out. We have everything planned and it is time to get to take those ideas to reality. As always, I am sure that the matter gets complicated but we must not lose heart or lose hope. It is very easy and if we go step by step we will succeed in the challenge.

Decorate Christmas tree

  1. Install the lights of the tree will be the first task after the installation of the tree in the chosen place for it. It is the most laborious task and we will start from the top down, we will light them from time to time and we will take a few steps back, we will check that we do not leave big gaps.
The placement of garlands It will be the next task. The tinsel strips have gone down in history, better opt for garlands with Christmas motifs or strips of balls. You can also use cloth tapes, make sure you have guided wire. The tree top better to install it before the rest of the decoration. We will avoid accidents with the decorative elements installed. We can use the auction that we like, the classic star or many other possibilities at our disposal. The decorations we will always place them starting from the top to the bottom of the tree. We can use the ornaments that we like but above all that combine with the lighting and style chosen for our tree. If we opt for a theme we will try that the adornments have an absolute coherence and do not strain any excessively different.
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