How to decorate a Christmas tree - Part I

I suppose we have all decorated a Christmas tree on occasion, although it is also true that there is a first time for everything. Let's review the aspects that we must take into account when decorating our Christmas tree. In fact, I myself had to put myself in a situation and try to review the most important aspects of the decoration of the Christmas tree.

Decorate the Christmas tree

  1. The choice of the tree It is the starting point. Here enters the eternal dilemma: natural or artificial tree? We will choose which one we prefer because everyone has their own tastes. If we opt for the natural tree we will look for one that is well formed, if we opt for the artificial we will unfold its branches well so that there are no gaps. We will prepare the necessary coverage for the base, the classic skirt or any other more original option. If we prefer an artificial tree it is interesting to acquire one with built-in lights, it will save us a lot of work.
A suitable color combination will make our tree have a correct aesthetic. For this we will take into account both the decoration of the room where we install it and the style we want for our tree. Classic , where red and green predominate, although we can also add gold or silver details. Winter air , with blue, silver and purple colors or if you like minimalism only white and silver. The lights will have to be white or blue. In metallic colors , silver, gold and bronze, they are easy to mix and we can use one, two or three, we will use white lights. Of cool or warm colors , if we opt for cold tones we can play with green, purple, blue and silver; On the other hand, if we go to the warm colors, we will combine red, orange and gold. Choose a theme It is not mandatory but it is interesting to create a homogeneous decoration. There are people who love to fill their angel tree, others with snowflakes or other reasons related to Christmas and winter. It is an interesting option to combat the monotony, propose a theme to your children for the decoration of the tree this Christmas.
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