How to create special corners for relaxation

There are many factors that make us feel comfortable in a home. Interior design is not only dealing with the distribution of furniture inside a house or combining colors, but it goes further: it is about create spaces where people find the comfort and the Balance necessary to live day to day.

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Many people tend to say "this is my favorite place in the house", referring to their most personal space of the home, that in which they feel more secure, inspired and comfortable. This space can be, from a sofa or armchair, to an office, a bedroom or a living room. It is that place in which all the daily problems are forgotten and we give ourselves a break to enjoy the specific moment without thinking about the worries, to feel good. These are six spectacular corners that we have brought today for you: corners where you can relax and have fun in company or in solitude.

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A lot of light: sometimes to create these special corners it is not necessary a great decorative reform, but to find with the suitable elements that help to construct this more intimate plot of the home, more personal. A window through which the landscape can be seen and fill the home with light is something vital. A table, a comfortable chair, a personal space to take our business or drink quietly, watch TV, read, write ... are activities that put us in a good mood and, if there is light, even more, since the sun is the greatest focus of energy for living beings.

Surround yourself with small plants: you can season this special corner with small indoor plants or vegetable centerpieces. Plants are life and their presence brings vitality, companionship and beauty.

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First of all, comfort: always look for comfort for your favorite corner of the house. Cushions, materials made for rest and where you can place your legs comfortably, for example. As for space, do not overload it: try to have clarity in the walls and few furniture.

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Colors that inspire: Decorate with colors that inspire you and invite inner calm. Look for white tones, pastel shades or soft shades without stridency. As we have said on previous occasions, the colors in the house produce different effects on the minds of the people, since they may awaken different states of mind in us, unconsciously.

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