How to create intimate environments in large spaces

Creating an intimate environment in a large space is not as simple as a priori one would think. Those of us who live in small apartments tend to think that a large house would be our perfect solution. But a room of great proportions is also a challenge for any designer since you have to personalize it and create an intimate atmosphere so that living in it is a rewarding experience.

Intimate environments in decoration 1

When a private person faces this challenge he should take it easy. Not being in a hurry to complete the furniture is a primordial premise. Only then can we find the furniture and accessories that we like. We will save money and also get a more personalized decoration.

If in a small apartment the rooms must fulfill different functions, something similar happens here. A room such as a living room can be too cold as such, a good idea is to divide it into different environments. Create a reading corner with armchairs, lamps and shelves that have an air differentiated from the living area itself.

Intimate environments in decoration 2

Take advantage of the space as you have so that the furniture is not glued to each other. The dining area for example is much better if the chairs have enough space around.

Intimate environments in decoration 3

As we always say, the decoration must be an exteriorization of the personality of its inhabitants. If someone from home plays the piano, nothing like installing one in the living room.

Carpets and paintings are essential elements when decorating a large space. They provide color, texture and help to fill those disturbing gaps.

And lighting can not be lacking, she always helps us decorate any space but in a large one it will be essential so that there are no dark areas.

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