How to create a room for crafts

The dream of anyone who is dedicated to crafts is to have an exclusive space for it. Here we show you how you can gather in a small space all our tools and materials to dedicate ourselves to DIY. Even if you can not dedicate an exclusive room you can always find a free corner in the house to have all your things sorted.

Space to make crafts 1

This, the room above, is a dream for most but a little corner in the office or in the living room or even in the laundry room. There are many possibilities to create an exclusive space to work and have your materials and tools at your fingertips.

Space to make crafts 2

With some simple shelves and some pretty plastic containers you can create your storage area. As soon as you dedicate yourself a little seriously to the crafts, you know that you end up accumulating countless small things, remains, leftovers that you know can be used at any time.

Space to make crafts 3

The perforated panels They are perfect for having the tools and small containers neatly arranged. It is an important investment but in the long run you will get much profit.

Space to make crafts 4

It is very important that you take into account the illumination of your DIY space, both natural and artificial , you know how important it is to have good light to work. Artificial lighting can be solved with one of your creations like this original lamp-teapot.

Space to make crafts 5

A tap and a pile will not hurt especially if part of your work is done with flowers and plants or simply with paint. It is not essential but of course it is highly recommended to have water in your space dedicated to crafts.


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