How to combine the sofa with table and chairs

In a living room the placement of the sofa will mark the rest of the decoration as it is a large element. Usually we usually install it against a wall or a corner and then we add the other components. But what happens when the sofa is placed centrally? That is to say that we will not install it leaning against the wall and the back will be in sight. Well that's when the need to do something with the back of the sofa appears.


This part of the sofa is not very beautiful to say, it resembles a low wall that seems to break the coherence of the decoration. A very aesthetic and practical way to avoid that impression is to install a table immediately behind the sofa.


In general, it is necessary to avoid that said table surpasses the height of the sofa. Unless as in the example we install a bar type bar for an entertainment area.


When the space does not allow it or we do not need chairs we can install a simple table to place some decorative object.


But if we can do it, the truth is that it will be very practical to have a table with chairs on the back of the sofa. It can be used as a desk or for a snack.



Another idea that we could classify as intermediate is to install a narrow table with one or several poufs underneath. It is a beautiful combination that occupies very little space and can give us the same service.


When the sofa has a special shape, like the one in the form of a semicircle above, you will have to look for a table or shelf that follows the outline of it. This can be complicated and you will have to end up ordering the manufacture of the custom furniture.


It can also be very practical to use an extendable table. It is a very successful choice when space is limited, it can be opened to be used as a dining table and folded will serve as a decorative table.


A table or a piece of furniture with wheels will bring a carefree air to the decoration. In addition, this mobility is very practical when cleaning the room.




When a table is not needed or we need storage space we can install a low shelf instead. It is another way to decorate that unattractive part of the sofa and get more order in the living room.

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