How to combat the humidity of the cupboards

I know it sounds unpleasant but in this life everything is possible, any home can be attacked by humidity for whatever reason. The humidity is uncomfortable and it smells bad in any part of the house but it is worse if it can be suffered in the cupboards.

Combat humidity in cupboards 1

Whether they are normal or built-in cabinets, if they take on moisture, they will become a major problem, as the clothes stored inside will absorb the smell of mildew. Mold needs moisture and darkness to reproduce.

If we follow these simple tips, we will avoid humidity in the cupboards:

  • Ventilate them from time to time leaving the doors open for a few hours.
  • Separate the cabinet from the wall by 5 cm to create an aeration space.
  • Do not store paper in the cabinet as it absorbs a lot of moisture.
  • Also do not store clothes in plastic bags, better in bags or cloth bags.
  • Wait until the clothes are dry before putting them in the closet.

And we will see how we can solve this problem and combat its effects with simple home remedies if in spite of everything there is humidity in our closet.

Combat humidity in cupboards 2

A very simple and cheap remedy to prevent humidity in cupboards, caused by condensation, is to put a little chalk in the different departments and drawers of the cupboard. Chalk will absorb excess moisture avoiding the formation of mold and its smell. Periodically we will have to renew the chalk.

Combat humidity in cupboards 3

When it is not the humidity typical of condensation but the cabinet is in a damp and sunny place will have to resort to other remedies such as camphor or naphthalene and other products and devices that are often used to absorb this excess moisture .

Combat humidity in cupboards 4

We can create a natural air freshener that at the same time absorbs moisture. We will store the citrus peels we consume at home, oranges, lemons, tangerines or grapefruit and dry them in the shade for a month. Then we will put them in a cloth bag and hang it in the closet. A typical resource of the grandmother that gives very good result.


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