How to choose the right carpet for your home

The comfort and luxury offered by a carpet is not comparable to any other floor covering. The warmth and the sense of comfort that the carpets give us are unique. It is clear that they need more care and are more delicate than synthetic or ceramic floors but also further isolate noises and low temperatures . We should not think of the carpet as an antiquated element as there are all styles and made with different materials.

Selection of carpets 1

Choosing the most suitable carpet for our home involves a certain amount of knowledge, from the warp to the way in which the threads with which each rug is made, the best solution will be to let yourself be guided by the advice of a professional.

Each carpet or rather each style and thickness of carpet will be more suitable for one place than another depending on the traffic that must support . A carpet for a staircase is not the same as a carpet for the living room. The most important distinction always arises according to the times a carpet will be stepped on. The hair type Of the carpet or the cut of this one they are also fundamental because they will establish the difference between a carpet that always seems clean of another one that immediately the footprints are noticed.

Selection of carpets 2

Carpets made with materials synthetic raise us the question of health, especially when you perceive that characteristic odor of hydrocarbons that expel some cheap carpets, we must be interested in its composition and that this is endorsed by health agencies in our country. It is also interesting to worry about placing retention systems to prevent accidents. From double-sided tape to systems that prevent carpets from sliding, it may seem unimportant but it certainly is not when we have small children or elderly people who may have an accident if they stumble or slip on the carpet. An extra layer of padding will not go wrong either, we can buy products that perform both tasks, cushion the carpet underneath and at the same time prevent its sliding. When the floors of our house are made of wood or ceramic these precautions are very important.


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