How to choose a home cinema that combines with the decoration

The choice of a television or an audio equipment that matches the decoration of our homes has never been a simple task. Until a few years ago, finding design speakers capable of offering a quality sound or a screen that combined inches with an attractive finish could become a true odyssey.

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However, home theater systems have undergone a revolution that has made it much easier to adapt the home cinema concept to the style of any room. The options for the consumer in terms of size and visibility of audio equipment have multiplied in the last decade.

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The modular design of most of the systems in the market allows us to build our home cinema combining the classic compact speakers, easy to disguise in any corner, with other multidirectional floors, designed to be seen. But not only in the size is perceived the evolution of the sector.

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The range of colors and finishes available has also multiplied in recent times. Between the most traditional models with the classic metallic matte finish to the avant-garde model SS-FCR6000 of Sony, with stylized lines and elegant wood finish, there is today a world of possibilities.

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As for televisions, the shift from CRS technology to LED has been a real transformation in the industry, and has facilitated the release to the market of models with much lighter and more stylized lines. In addition, manufacturers have begun to develop different accessories such as interchangeable color bevels or foot and wall brackets, designed for our television to integrate into their environment and become one more piece of the decor .

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In view of the advances in aesthetics and quality in the leisure sector at home, it is time to pay attention to the experts, throw the rug and the flamenco doll in the trash and change the 'retro' for the avant-garde that is, Without a doubt, in the field of home cinema.


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