How to build a living room in attic attics

The attic attics, with their sloping ceilings, offer us a space with charm and a very special character. They are very welcoming, with that pitched roof that seems to want to embrace us, but also pose certain challenges such as space and how to take advantage of it as well as more complicated natural lighting. Despite everything are spaces to live and enjoy, which we will see with these living rooms in attic attics.


Depending on the architecture and available space we can create a more or less spacious living. The style as we will see may be what we prefer as this wonderful example of Nordic style that takes advantage of the construction in wood.



In these two livings we see the tendency to recreate that intimacy offered by this type of construction and the use of light, which as we can see can be quite complex.


When we have an architectural base decorating in rustic style is much easier.



In an attic it fits everything, from a corner for boys to a living room with all its ingredients.


The penthouses are usually hot in summer and cold in winter, so it is essential to have our air-conditioned well to make our living room comfortable.



From a modern minimalism to a classic style, as you can see any style is fine in one of these pleasant spaces.



In these two livings it is worth highlighting the peculiarity of its architecture that largely guides the decoration. Attic attics, due to their special volume, offer enormous possibilities.



As we said before, the natural lighting of an attic attic can be difficult at times. Although we can find a large number of special solutions to have a good number of windows to avoid this problem.



With the right windows, an attic with a mansard roof can be as bright, or more, than any other space in the house.


And many times it is the construction itself that plays in our favor as we see in this living room that enjoys a frame of wooden beams that of course are to look.


A living room is as much a space of relationship as of rest and recollection, both purposes can be achieved much better in a charming place like the ones we have seen.

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