How to become a professional interior designer

If you are the kind of person to whom relatives, friends and acquaintances often turn to for advice on interior design issues, the idea of ​​dedicating yourself professionally to the world of decoration may have occurred to you on occasion. If this is the case or you know someone who meets that profile, you will be interested in reading this article. A person with artistic sensitivity, ability to combine colors, ability to work with volumes and proportions has the fundamental basis that with a few skills you can acquire in a short time to devote professionally to interior design.

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The most important thing along with that natural talent that we have talked about is that you like the decoration and that you like dealing with people. Keep in mind that you work with people, the designer does not take care of creating sets but to create environments inhabited by people. At any time of your life you can discover this vocation and the first thing if you want to dedicate yourself professionally to it is that you do some course or formative cycle related to it. It is also interesting that you read and follow magazines, blogs, conferences and seminars related to the topic.

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After that essential time of training you can choose to establish yourself as an independent professional or enter a company dedicated to interior decoration. The first path is difficult and you will need a good network of personal contacts and a good economic cushion to cushion your first stage as a little-known professional. On the other hand, working for a recognized decorator or an important company will help you to know those little things related to any profession that are not learned in any school. It will also help you acquire fluency and establish your first relationships with both clients and other professionals.

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By one way or another you must acquire your own style, decide what you like most about this world and concentrate on it until you get a deep knowledge. You can not cover everything and although a decorating professional should know everything related to that field it is inevitable to specialize in a specific branch. But the fundamental thing is to acquire a personal style that differentiates you and makes your work recognizable. Obviously this is not acquired in a few months, it is a task that requires a lot of effort and dedication. And time, you should not be in a hurry to meet your goals but to correctly define those objectives.

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Afterwards there are many more things that for the most part are common to all the autonomous professions, how to work the financial and tax issue, how to establish a good network of contacts, how to manage your time, how to prepare the presentations, how to prepare the contracts and the establishment of your fees. In short, all those needs that an entrepreneur must cover before devoting himself to what he really likes.


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