How to avoid making mistakes when decorating

When you have your first place to live, you buy a house or apartment, you get married, you live alone ... any other situation in which you must necessarily decorate for the first time, a world of possibilities opens before you.


You can know that you like a style, maybe some furniture, you have a favorite color and, you love all those cool accessories you see every time you go to stores! Now, do you know how to combine them and balance colors and styles? Do you know how to put together a budget to be able to carry out your purchases? You have experience? Many questions together, I know! Do you have answers?

If you are going to face your first decoration or you have to change everything you have at home that you have inherited from the family, you have to be clear about some points so as not to make mistakes and thus waste your money.



The first thing I can ask is ... have you thought about hiring a professional? Surely your first reaction to it would be to think no. It is expensive! I can do it myself! Maybe, and here we are always giving practical and useful advice to do it. But, on occasion, having a little help and being advised by experts can be the key to success to make the most of your space, adapt it to 100% to your liking and your needs and get the most out of your money.



Decorating your home is more than buying beautiful objects. If you want to get cozy, practical and functional stays, the help of a professional is what you need. At one time you can get everything you want from the decoration of your home. They will make a correct combination of colors, lighting, use of spaces and will naturally add all your favorite objects to the decoration.



Now, if you decide not to invest money in a professional and face the task yourself, there are a series of classic errors that it is good to know before you start spending on decorating. We can summarize them in: the colors, the furniture, the textiles , lighting and decorative accessories. In all these points are the most common mistakes that every novice commits when decorating for the first time.



Colors : it is very easy to make a bad choice of these. If you only consider your taste or the first thing you saw ... you are not doing very well. It is good to take into account the space, its lighting and even the floors to choose them. If you have a space with little natural light, you should not look for very dark colors, just the opposite. Keep in mind that you can also add textures with wallpapers.

Furniture : never buy furniture before you have chosen the colors or the decorative style you want to achieve, and without taking into account the available space (carefully plan your space). Buying a piece of furniture just because you liked it does not ensure anything. It is better to plan and then buy, than to do it before you start! Think about your needs and place your furniture in the right places, that are accessible and that allow your circulation for the stay.



Textiles : here you have to count on things like curtains, carpets and upholstery. Do not look for dark colors thought that they will be more suffered or resistant to dirt. Do not follow the same principle with the curtains. Having a window does not mean you necessarily have to buy curtains. Look for colors that match the space and style you want to achieve. The fresh, simple and modern fabrics are the best and have the carpets accompany them.

illumination : a fundamental point in the decoration. Do not forget to take into account the natural light that has the space to decorate and analyze if you can increase it without great costs. Once that is defined, you can get down to work with the lighting artifacts you need. Always according to the needs of the space and the design you are looking to achieve. Take into account the electrical consumption of them!



Decorative objects : It's the last, last thing you should buy! If you go to the store and the objects call you from the shelves when you are not in this stage ... Avoid them! Wait to have all the above before looking for accessories and decorative accessories, so you will avoid spending unnecessary money.



I hope all these tips have been useful and that you can make good decisions when decorating your home.


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