How colors influence us in day to day

Each color of the chromatic range is associated with some emotion and evokes some memory or feeling in us. The use of colors is more important than what we can believe. It influences our mood, and it can modify it. With them we can change our way of seeing day to day.

Colors in decoration 1

There are active, passive and neutral colors.

Active colors often cause us to feel positive energy. These are the warm colors. Yellows, golds, earthy colors usually make us want to work and creativity, as well as good humor. Therefore it is favorable to use them in kitchens or work or study rooms.

Colors in decoration 2

Passive colors are cold colors. These often convey peace and freshness, but do not abuse them when decorating or get unwelcoming environments. It is convenient to use them in small quantity if what we are looking for is a more captivating feeling. In this range we speak of blues, greens, mauves, purples ... They are ideal for use in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Colors in decoration 3

Colors in decoration 4

In the photos you can see the effect that causes abuse of one of these colors or on the contrary, use them in small quantities and with other tonalities.

Finally we have neutral colors. These are colors that do not produce any sensation, but that work in conjunction with the rest of the colors to achieve the effect that we seek. They are colors that attract light and increase volume. These colors are gray, white or beige.

Colors in decoration 5

It should be noted that there are colors that are very aggressive at the time of using them to a large extent and that however much we like them, provoke feelings of anger and stress. These are colors like intense orange or red. It is necessary to use them in small areas, or only in decorative elements and to appease them with neutral colors to annul their effect, and that simply contribute a note of happiness and color.

Colors in decoration 6

Colors in decoration 7

Again in the pictures we can check the effect of abusing this color or on the contrary, use it in small quantities as cushions or chairs or sofas, etc. They are very stimulating colors that should not be abused.

Finally, mention should be made of the black. It is a color that increases the sensation of temperature, like the previous ones and also reduces the volume, but used in small doses causes a sensation of elegance and sophistication.

Colors in decoration 8

Colors in decoration 9

You will succeed and give it an elegant protagonism if you use it mixed with neutral colors like a white or a beige.

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