Housing microunits in New York

The city of New York convened in July 2012 a contest of ideas to design small houses because of the great shortage of small apartments that suffered in recent times this city. Finally, the mayor of the city Michael Bloomberg has named the American studio NARCHITECTS as the winner of the ADAPT NYC competition.

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"The growth rate of housing demand for one or two people is much higher than that of housing for three or more people and addressing this challenge requires us to think creatively and beyond current regulations," he said. Mayor Bloomberg.

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The NARCHITECTS study joined Monadnock Development LLC and the Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation to design My Micro N Y, a 55-apartment building with 40 percent of them with limited rents.

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The building is composed of modules. With this construction in prefabricated modules it is expected that in two weeks the construction of the building structure will be completed. With the reduction of costs, both in construction and financing, it is expected to obtain much cheaper prices for these homes. It is intended that in 2014 there will be available 165,000 new homes of this type for New Yorkers.

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Each residence will have a kitchen, living room-bedroom and bathroom. Storage areas are also included and comprise a loft and a closet. In addition to the apartments, the building will have a laundry area, a bicycle garage, a gym and a series of common rooms and multiple use areas. A terrace on the eighth floor will provide space for outdoor events and activities.

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This micro housing unit designed to cover housing needs for single people or couples has an area of ​​between 23 and 34 square meters. Not everyone has accepted this proposal well and according to Kent Larson of the MIT Media Lab, these micro-apartments are not the answer to the housing crisis in the cities of the United States.

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The construction of this first micro-apartment building is planned for the end of 2013 and throughout the following year the construction of a sufficient number of them should be completed, adapted to each specific place thanks to its modularity.

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