Housing in Madrid with modern air and a lot of color

This house built in Madrid, Spain, is an example of how to integrate modernism and tradition within the same space. One of its greatest virtues is to be surrounded by a beautiful garden where there is abundant vegetation of all kinds: plants, shrubs, trees ... It is a house where you can enjoy the sun in a unique way.


From its modernist architecture and its concrete walls, we find a surface where this style is taken to its maximum expression. The facade has a smooth surface, white, and there is also a wall of wooden planks that surrounds the garden area.



Inside, the decorative details are mostly modern in character: pieces of art on the walls and state-of-the-art furniture, combined with a retro touch and a minimalist sense of layout. There are also abundant floral details, recreating the warmth of the garden inside the home.



Nuances of color abound everywhere: touches of mustard yellow, green and brown tones, orange curtains ... Warmth and style, all in the same space.



In the dining room we have opted for a more rustic air, with a large wooden table, an industrial hanging lamp and chairs with an aged paint that greatly favors this environment.



The bedroom is a place for luxury and relaxation. Amplitude, beauty and comfort in blue and violet tones, mainly. Also the bathroom is an extension of this atmosphere, and there we can find valuable paintings adorning the walls.


Incredible style of this residence, a luxury enclave in an unbeatable environment.

Photos: nicety.livejournal.com

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